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Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare Excellence.
Let's Work Together

We Place Highly Qualified Healthcare Professionals with Facilities that are Committed to Providing the Highest Quality of Care.

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Why Choose TLC Healthcare Staffing?

We understand the nuances and challenges of healthcare staffing.

Our clients, like you, initially thought they didn't need to (or want to) collaborate with an external partner for their recruiting needs.

Whether it's because you already have an in-house team, concerns about budget constraints, a period of hiring inactivity, or satisfaction with your current staffing agency, we get it

However, keep scrolling to discover how our approach to healthcare staffing can bring value to your facilities.

You said:

We do all our hiring in-house

We understand you feel more comfortable handling recruitment internally, as many of our clients once felt the same.

However, they found that partnering with us enhanced their hiring process, bringing in capacity to help when their teams were overloaded.


You said:

We don’t have budget to work with you

We hear your concern about budget, which is something our other clients felt before they partnered with us. They've found that our services, and particularly replacing contracts for travel staff with our local staff, actually save a lot of money.


We take on the burden of finding the highest quality and qualified, local healthcare staff to ensure costs to our customers are minimized.

No Budget

You said:

We are not currently hiring

It's common to feel that external hiring services aren't needed during slower periods, as many of our clients have expressed. But, they've often found value in having a ready partnership when an unexpected hiring need arises, ensuring a quicker and more efficient response.


This is especially true in the healthcare industry, as unexpected staffing shortages can jeopardize the quality of patient care.

Not Hiring

You said:

We already partner with a staffing agency

We understand you feel satisfied with your current staffing agency, and it's great to hear you've found a solution that works. However, some of our clients have felt the same in the past but found additional benefits in our unique approach, like our personalized service, which complemented their existing arrangements.


We’re not here to replace, we’re here to ensure you have the best candidates available to you at all times.

Already Partnered
Don't wait another day grappling with staffing challenges.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Staffing Experience? 


Let's Build Your Company's Dream Team

High Touch

We are always available and ready to fill your long and short-term contract staffing needs.

Costs + Risks Covered

We cover all employer-related costs and risks (taxes, insurance, workers compensation, etc.)

We Hire the Best

Curated and highly vetted through our proprietary process. Consistent, Reliable, Professional.

24/7 Assistance

We do all the heavy lifting as an employer (sourcing, vetting, taxes, liability), so you can focus on facilitating the best outcomes for your patients and employees.


A Stress-Free Staffing Solution.

Do you have time to call 100 candidates, send out 500 emails, and respond to job postings every day?

We do all of this on your behalf! 

Or Call us Right Now!
We are Available 24/7
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